C-M Carlsson is one of Sweden’s most popular Piano Bar artists and an amazing musician. From the moment he starts performing you will enjoy the moment and wish that the night never ends.

C-M knows how to spellbound the audience and create a magical atmosphere. He often accompanies the Swedish artist elite. He has also contributed in TV amongst other things in the role as the bandmaster in a majority of productions together with great Swedish anchors. 

C-M is also a great composer and is right now working on different international projects around the globe.


From luxury classics to top hits. Personal interpretations of well-known hits from, among others Nat King Cole, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and Avicii.


Gladly book as a solo artist or as an exclusive constellation with other famous Swedish pop artists and musicians. Another popular combination would be C-M in a duelling piano act together with Angelica Alm, Marika Willstedt, Trond Slyngstadli or Juni Juliet. 


Hyatt, Hotel Anantara Bankok Riverside Resort & Spa, Topeja, Hotel Tylösand and several more.


Tel +46-(0)31-83 41 80